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The JFH Podcast

Aug 31, 2022

In the lead-up to a massive collaborative feature that will soon be published on, JFH's Scott Fryberger and The Undertaking!'s Austin Visser hop on the show to discuss their favorite albums from the past 25 years of Facedown Records.

The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by Chase Tremaine...

Aug 17, 2022

As a fun way to bring the summer to a close, regular guest host Josh Balogh returns to ask the classic question: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring five albums with you, what albums would you choose? Alongside sharing their own lists, Josh and Chase also share lists from readers, listeners,...

Aug 3, 2022

In conclusion of the four-part series "The Oral History of JesusFreakHideout," host Chase and guest host John DiBiase are joined by two of the site's longest-tenured staffers, Christopher Smith and Scott Fryberger, to discuss the recent history as well as the future of JFH.

The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by...