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The JFH Podcast

Jun 27, 2018

Today, our host Chase debuts a new type of episode, Newspaper & Mailbag, where we share about new events, album releases, and website features, and where we answer your questions. If you'd like to ask our hosts or writers a question to get answered on a future Newspaper & Mailbag episode, you can comment on our site, DM...

Jun 20, 2018

As the summer movie season continues, we switch back into movie mode for one of our most anticipated releases, Pixar's long-awaited sequel Incredibles 2. Hosts Mark and Chase are joined by John DiBiase to talk about the new movie's many strengths and how it holds up to the original.

This episode is sponsored by Chris...

Jun 13, 2018

Hit songwriter and acclaimed recording artist Adam Watts comes on the show today to tell our hosts about his history writing songs for Disney artists and movies, how that coincided with making his solo music, and how all those experiences coalesced into his new book, The Human of Being Art (available at

Jun 6, 2018

Indie hip-hop artist Psalm comes on the podcast this week to talk about his album Covenant and everything that led up to it, including a conversion to Christianity that took Psalm out of secular music and temporarily out of hip-hop completely. You've possibly never heard Psalm's music, but you won't want to miss hearing...