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The JFH Podcast

Sep 30, 2020


On this episode of the JFH Book Club, guest host John Underdown reviews (in generally spoiler-free fashion) the first book of C.S. Lewis's "Space Trilogy," Out of the Silent Planet.

The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by Chase Tremaine and executive produced by John DiBiase and Christopher Smith. To meet the people...

Sep 23, 2020

"Jeff the Girl" of Five Iron Frenzy joins the show to discuss the band's upcoming album and their currently ongoing Kickstarter campaign in support of the project. Joined by JFH's Chase Tremaine and Scott Fryberger, the three also discuss the saxophonist's side projects, her non-musical roles in the band, and the...

Sep 16, 2020

Elias Dummer (formerly of The City Harmonic) joins the podcast to discuss a wide range of topics revolving around the intersections between Christian practice, church history, worship music, U.S. politics, and scientific research.

This episode is sponsored by DUPREE, whose new single "Your Way" is available now wherever...