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The JFH Podcast

Jun 9, 2021

David Crowder makes his first appearance on the podcast to discuss the stories and meaning behind his brand new solo album, Milk & Honey.

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The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by Chase Tremaine...

May 26, 2021

Twenty One Pilots have catchy music and crossover hits, but they also have mystery and mythology that follows their music. With the release of Scaled And Icy, a panel was formed to discuss the new music and how it compares to the old, featuring podcast host Chase, JFH staff writer Josh Balogh, and independent...

May 12, 2021

In light of Needtobreathe's surprise news that they made a new album during quarantine, your host Chase details and speculates about what it entails for an album to be written and recorded in only 3 weeks.

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Apr 28, 2021

John DiBiase returns to the show to discuss the two latest Marvel television shows in-depth, resulting in a spoiler-y, fun, and tangent-filled conversation about the medium of television, the heart of storytelling, and the future of the MCU.

This episode is sponsored by FKA Promise, whose new single "Break Through" is...

Apr 14, 2021

In this episode, Chase interviews a young artist named Coby James. Considered by some to be a prodigy, he is a talented guitarist who writes and produces his own music. Joining the same record label as Lauren Daigle and Andrew Peterson, James shares his big plans for new music in 2021.

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