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The JFH Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

This month's panel is made up of our host Chase, our producer and regular movie-talk co-host John DiBiase, Jesusfreakhideout staff writer Alex "Tin Can" Caldwell, and Tooth & Nail recording artist Zach Lardy (aka Empty Isles, who released For When You Need Me earlier this year). On the heels of this summer's latest blockbuster from the geniuses at Pixar, the panel tackles the question: Did we need a fourth Toy Story? The first half of the episode is spoiler-free, focusing on the franchise as a whole, before moving into a spoiler-filled review and discussion of the new film.

This episode is sponsored by Diviner, whose new album titled Realms of Time is available now, wherever you buy or stream music. You can find out more here.

The JFH Podcast is hosted and produced by Chase Tremaine and executive produced by John DiBiase and Christopher Smith. To meet the people behind the show, discuss the episodes, ask questions, and engage in conversations with other listeners, join the JFH Podcast group on Facebook.